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bear hunt
02.21 - 05.21
co-curator | set designer
Queensland University of Technology

Loosely based on the beloved children's poem 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, 'Bear Hunt' is a theoretical immersive experience for all ages that encourages a sense of wonder and exploration, taking the performance off of the stage and into the auditorium for the audience to experience firsthand. Inspired by the diverse landscape of Australia, each section of the 'Bear Hunt' world was intentionally designed as a direct reference to the locations described in the original text, while the topographic layers allude to the architecture of the venue.

Key Skills/Mediums:​

  • Production Design and Management

  • Creative Direction

  • CAD (SketchUp)

  • Design Visualisation (Clip Studio Paint)

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration

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