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Created in collaboration with fellow multidisciplinary artist, Monique Roy, 'Topographic' was developed as part of a larger intermedial production inspired by Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Looking-Glass'. The surreal chessboard landscape described in the story was re-imagined as a kinetic sculpture, generated through a series of abstractions and iterations that saw an audio recording of the word "chessboard" and its resulting wavetable 3D-modelled and fabricated based on its topography. A supporting animation summarising and dramatising this process was also produced.

07.20 - 09.20
designer | fabricator
Queensland University of Technology

Key Skills/Mediums:​

  • CAD (SketchUp, CorelDRAW)

  • Fabrication (Laser cutting and assembly)

  • Animation (Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere)

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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